Dr. Sharon P. Austin, Licensed Psychologist
Seeing the other, and being seen, as if for the first time


Dr Sharon Austin Licensed Psychologist

Approach to therapy

Most of us desire a greater connection with and love for ourselves and others. However, our fears and habitual ways of being in the world often interfere. I help you uncover your true essence and wisdom that allows for greater connection and peace. We work together to quiet the internal chatter and overwhelming feelings through present-time awareness and careful pacing. We can then safely explore current stress and challenges, and as needed, past events and out-dated beliefs.

Couples and Individual Psychotherapy

This therapy is grounded in recent research in interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory (our sense of safety and security in relationships), mindfulness and body-centered psychotherapy. This approach is informed by the neuroscience of how we are wired to connect as well as the ways our protective habitual patterns interfere with healthy connections. 

Equine Assisted Therapy

In collaboration with Pia Jansen, MSW and her herd at "Unbridled."

What to expect during your session

I gently guide you to slow down and become curious about what is happening not only in your thoughts and feelings but also in your body as you address current concerns.  By listening attentively to your body's messages and connecting these to emotions, images and old beliefs, we track how you have learned to be in the world.

Why talk therapy isn't enough

Life experiences are stored not only in thoughts and emotions but deeply in the body at a cellular level.  Often it takes more than talking about these experiences to release them.  Sometimes, you are unable to access words to describe events, especially with overwhelming experiences.  Yet these highly charged memories are locked in your body.  Only when you explore both your heart and body's responses to such experiences do you reach deeper healing. 

What you gain

In your work with me, you gain:

  • Greater safety and security in your relationship
  • Learn to relieve stress quickly and efficiently
  • Relief from deep despair and anxiety
  • More thoughtful, flexible and calm responses to life occurrences
  • More adaptive ways of working with strong feelings
  • A shift from old, limiting beliefs to a more expansive view of the world
  • Greater sense of aliveness


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